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posted 5/20/2009 by Cyril Lachel
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DJ Boy (Genesis)
Why Now?

Guitar Hero? Rock Band? Whatever, those games are so 2008. The new hotness seems to be DJ-inspired video games. At present, three different companies are slaving away at DJ-related music games. But it's not just for drug-addled ravers anymore. And that's why this is a perfect time to release DJ Boy, the funky roller skate version of Double Dragon. You heard me, it's a 2D brawler about roller skaters. And the Japanese version is kind of racist. But never mind that (or the fact that this has nothing to do with actually being a DJ), because DJ Boy is essential playing for anybody that wants to feel hip and with-it. With so many DJ games coming out, Nintendo would be crazy not to upload this forgotten brawler.

Would It Be Worth Buying?

No. DJ Boy is a dreadful game that has a checkered past. Even if you can get past the outright racism of the Japanese version, you're still left with a generic 2D brawler on roller skates. Yes, roller skates. That's not to say that the roller skates had anything to do with the geek factor of DJ Boy, but they certainly didn't help. There are already plenty of 2D brawlers on the Virtual Console, so the only reason to upload this would be to trick people into thinking that it's about DJs. But it's not, and that's why you should do whatever it takes to avoid DJ Boy.


Friday the 13th (Commodore 64)
Why Now?
Are you kidding me? 2009 is the official year of Friday the 13th. Not only was the recent Friday the 13th "remake" a huge hit at the box office, but the Friday the 13th date shows up not once, not twice, but rather THREE different times this year. Can you think of a better time to release a Friday the 13th game? And not just any Friday the 13th game, but the one for the Commodore 64. Not only does it make a lot of sense from an external, but it also makes sense because Nintendo just recently started to post C64 games and are in desperate need to add content for this aging computer. And while Friday the 13th isn't the greatest game of all time, it does have the distinction of being <a href="http://www.defunctgames.com/shows.php?id=ivegotyournumber-13" target="_blank"><b>one of the first survival horror games</a></b>. So let's do the math: There are three occurrences of Friday the 13th this year, the new Friday the 13th movie made bucket loads of money at the box office, Nintendo needs to post more Commodore 64 games and it's one of the first survival horror games. How is this game not already on the Virtual Console?

Would It Be Worth Buying?
Okay, so Friday the 13th isn't the greatest game of all time. Fine, I'll concede that point. But it's light years ahead of the tragically awfully NES game of the same name. Let's face it, the name "Friday the 13th" isn't synonymous with "quality." But that hasn't stopped Nintendo from uploading some of the worst games ever made to the Virtual Console (Spelunker, anybody?). I'm not saying that I would buy this C64 version of Friday the 13th, but it does make a lot of sense to release it.


Commando (NES)
Why Now?
Much like Bionic Commando, there's renewed interest in this franchise thanks to Capcom's recently released Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network game. Unlike Bionic Commando, this isn't a remake. So whatever weird bugaboo Nintendo had about releasing Bionic Commando alongside Bionic Commando Rearmed, it certainly doesn't apply here. Releasing the first game in the series only makes sense, especially when it's made by a company that is so supportive of the Virtual Console. But Nintendo didn't release it. Instead they re-released (and renamed) MERCS, but not the first game? What is Nintendo waiting for? With the release of Wolf of the Battlefield 2 and 3, there will never e a better time to release the first game.

Would It Be Worth Buying?
My rule of thumb is this - if you're going to reintroduce a long-dead game franchise to a new generation of fans, then you should give these gamers a chance to catch up with the older releases. Usually this means putting the classic games on the same disc, but seeing as Wolf of the Battlefield 3 was a download-only title, I'm more than willing to give Capcom the benefit of the doubt. That's why it's so frustrating that Nintendo didn't upload Commando. While this is hardly Capcom's greatest action franchise, it's certainly worth playing through. And now that so many new gamers are being introduced to the franchise, why not release all three games so that we can see the story from start to finish? Sure the gameplay is a little rough and the graphics are nothing to write home about, but it's still a fun game. Plus, re-releasing it will give Capcom the chance to finish rebranding the entire series. So bring on Commando - Wolf of the Battlefield, if for no other reason than to make me happy.


Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight (NES)
Why Now?
We end right where we started, at Street Fighter. Obviously Street Fighter is hot, why else would I have the balls to talk about it twice in one article? And if you're even contemplating uploading Fighting Street, then you better also consider Street Fighter 2010. With all of the Street Fighter loving, why not cash in on the franchise's success? Usually I would end this article by saying that if Capcom doesn't release Street Fighter 2010 immediately they are going to miss their opportunity, but I can't with this title. Even if Nintendo decides not to upload this bizarre action game to their Virtual Console, they still have all of 2010 to get it up there. And let's face it, 2010 is an even more relevant time to upload Street Fighter 2010. If they don't upload it next year then they are fools. Each and every one of them - fools.

Would It Be Worth Buying?

Like Fighting Street on the TurboGrafx-CD, Street Fighter 2010 was released at a time before anybody knew the how popular this franchise would turn out to be. As a result this 2D action game for the NES ends up misusing the name and ultimately comes up short. Those expecting to learn a thing or two about the Street Fighter mythos will surely be disappointed by this disjointed mess of a game. In a tricky move that fooled nobody, Capcom actually changed the name of the main character from Kevin to Ken in order to try and connect this with the mediocre arcade game. But it didn't work, because instead of being a fun one-on-one fighting game, Street Fighter 2010 felt more like a washed-up Mega Man clone. With no real Street Fighter connection and crummy controls, there's really no reason you would want to play this 8-bit title. On the other hand, this isn't one of those games you see included in the Street Fighter collections, so why not give gamers a chance to try it out for themselves? I say upload it, but definitely don't buy it!


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