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posted 10/24/2005 by Cyril Lachel
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When it comes to going through the levels you will never be alone.  No matter who you play as you will always have a computer controlled Warrior next to you to help you out.  Early on this may be nothing more than aiding you in your fights, but later in the game you will find that they do everything from distract guards, refill your life, and even take the handcuffs off if you get arrested.  Thankfully you get to order the computer-controlled players around, but you’re limited to only six commands – wreck ‘em all, mayhem, let’s go, scatter, watch my back, and the all important hold up.  For the most part these are the only commands you will need, but there are times in the game where you wish they could have fleshed this section out a little more.

Part of the reason the Warriors works so well is that you are always doing new and different things.  In some levels you’ll be doing nothing more than fighting and running from the police, yet in other areas you will be robbing stores and collecting loot.  There are also a number of levels that require you to mark your territory with a spray paint min-game, a bunch of stealth levels, and even a few moments where it’s your job to start riots.  It’s a testament to the experience that some of the most tense segments of the game have nothing to do with fighting, including one of the most cutthroat tagging competitions you’ll ever see.

The Warriors is also easy to get into because you often have a lot of freedom when it comes to taking your enemies out.  A lot of people will rush right in and simply fight a collection of baddies all at once, but the game leaves it open for you to toy with your prey, to use some strategy and take them out as you see fit.  Each of the areas you visit has a lot of little places to hide and escape to; including some secret spots that will give you the jump on anybody you want to knock out.  It may not hit you the first time through the game, but the Warriors has some pretty cool level designs … even if it’s not nearly as ambitious as Grand Theft Auto or Rockstar’s other titles.

Of course, a lot of people are here just to see the gangs, and those people are not going to be disappointed.  The Warriors features well over a dozen different gangs, each with their own logo, uniform, weapon, style, and attitude.  You’ll run into Moonrunners, Hurricanes, Orphans, and the Jones Street Boys.  You’ll battle the Destroyers, the Hi-Hats, and even an all-girl gang called the Lizzies.  If it was a gang in the movie then it’s recreated here in slightly-detailed polygons.  Yes, that means that fan favorites the Baseball Furies make an appearance (or two).

Games like Final Fight and Double Dragon are notorious for being extremely short affairs, often only lasting an hour or two (if that).  Thankfully this is not something you will have to worry about when it comes to the Warriors, depending on your skills the game will last anywhere from 15 to 20 hours, which is a lifetime compared to other games in the genre.  And once you’ve beaten it chances are you’ll want to go through and finish all of the bonus missions in each level, collect as much money as you can, and even go through the game again with a second player.

That’s right, the Warriors is a two-player game as well.  In fact, a second player can join game at literally any time, which can be really useful in some of the harder levels towards the end.  When both players are next to each other the game keeps the action on one single screen, but as soon as the characters split up so does the screen.  Although the split screen takes some getting used to, it’s easier to manage than the sometimes buggy single-screen set up they have going on.  Luckily you can customize this (to a certain extent) in the game’s option menu.  Unfortunately the game has no Xbox Live support, so your two player experience is going to require some adjusting on both players part.

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