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posted 10/6/2009 by Cyril Lachel
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The game is split up into 21 agonizing missions, each taking place in a different (although similar looking) location.  You take on a number of gangs from the movie, fight a few bosses, and kick over a few trash cans to find food.  The levels are made up of enemies that all look and fight the same.  Even when they knock you to the ground, all of the enemies stand straight up and clap the same.  Outside of the weapons and outfits, you would think that you're fighting the same bozo over and over again.  And the truth is, you basically are.

The problem with The Warriors is that it doesn't play fair.  From the very get-go you are swarmed with more enemies than you can fight at any one time.  And just to make things harder (and increase the size of the level) you are forced to deal with reinforcements.  Every so often a timer will pop up and count down how much time you have before more enemies show up.  At first this isn't a problem, but late in the game you'll find that reinforcements are showing up when you're already dealing with a half dozen gang members.  There were more than a few times when I just put the control down and gave up, there's no way I can take on a dozen bad guys all by myself.  The fun of Final Fight and Double Dragon was that you always felt like you had a fighting chance, but when playing this single player I never felt like I could beat all of the goons they were throwing at me.

Thankfully you can bring three more friends into the action, but even that isn't as much fun as it sounds.  It basically becomes a giant cacophony of bodies being punched and thrown about.  It's disorganized and nowhere near as much fun as similar games (like Konami's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games).  This is a big disappointment given how much fun the multiplayer mode was in the original 2004 Xbox game.

To add insult, nothing about the game's presentation matches the thirty year old movie.  The graphics are too dark and gritty to feel like the film, the music is out of place and modern, and there's no voice acting.  The whole thing is very disconcerting, especially given their experience handling this license.  It feels like there may have been some good ideas in this game, but the overall presentation is a total mess.

Even if the music and visuals were spot on, it still wouldn't make up for the slow-paced gameplay, the clunky controls and the dreary levels.  This game somehow manages to suck all of the fun and excitement out of the original movie, instead turning it into an unfair action game where all you do is mash buttons for several hours.  The Warriors: Street Brawl is a major step down from the five year old Xbox game.  It's a product that feels wholly unnecessary.  If you want your Warriors fix then go play the 2004 game, you'll be surprised at how diverse the gameplay is.  And best of all, it still holds up remarkably well.  There's no reason to come out and play The Warriors: Street Brawl!

Five years ago Rockstar Games stunned the critics with their amazing retelling of The Warriors. Here we are in 2009 and the publisher is back with a brand new Xbox Live Arcade game. Unfortunately The Warriors: Street Brawl completely forgets what was fun about the movie and the 2004 game, instead the property into a repetitive brawler with no depth or character!

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