The Ten Things I Learned at the WWE Superstar Challenge


posted 4/30/2009 by Cyril Lachel
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Shelton Benjamin Owns a Lot of Forgotten Game Systems
Now here's a man after my own heart. Who knew that I would have so much in common with professional wrestler Shelton Benjamin? Apparently he's the other guy that buys all of the game systems, regardless of whether they have a future or not. Unfortunately he capped it at the N-Gage (which I also own), but I can imagine him going into great detail about the Jaguar CD, 3DO, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Amiga CD32. Unfortunately the rest of the gaming journalists steered the conversation back to wrestling, but for a brief few seconds I found somebody that I could see eye to eye with. Well, not if I was standing next to him, he towered over me. But you know what I mean.

Mickey Rourke Needs to Rewatch 'The Wrestler'
The Wrestler was a movie about an aging pro-wrestler who, twenty years later, is trying to decide between continuing his faltering career or becoming an everyday Joe. In the end he gets up in that ring to battle one more time and it ... well, let's just say it doesn't end on the cheeriest of notes. Knowing that this is how it plays out for the fake Randy 'The Ram' Robinson, Mickey Rourke proves once again that he's not afraid to throw caution to the wind and temp fate.

The only thing more tragic than losing your life in a wrestling ring is to lose your life in a wrestling ring immediately after you starred in a movie where the very same thing happened. Oh sure, that would make for a great ending to a movie, but now that Mickey Rourke's stardom has been resurrected, it would be a shame to see a comeback cut short. So I cringed (albeit excitedly) when the star of Wild Orchid slowly climbed into the ring to street fight Chris Jericho. Thankfully


THQ Spent a Lot of Money
In a sign of appreciation to all of the wrestling-obsessed game journalists (or a sign that the company has too much money), THQ flew several dozen game journalists to Houston, Texas, put us up in a swanky hotel for several days, plied us with alcohol, made sure we were eating at least one meal a day and put us up in one of the nicest suites in Reliant Stadium. All told, the company that killed off the Stuntman franchise spent upwards of three or four thousand dollars for each and every person that attended this thing.

Trust me, the amount of money spent on this event did not go unnoticed. Everybody involved with the event wanted to be there and, based on what I saw, a great time was had by all. However, it seems foolish in this economy to spend so much money on a guy who, let's face it, can barely tell the difference between "Nature Boy" Rick Flair and "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers. But it gave me a chance to have a better understanding and appreciation for what these athletes do on a day to day basis. It got me up close and personal with some of the biggest characters in the game. And, most importantly, it really ate up all of my WWE-loving friends who were jealous of me attending this thing. So thank you THQ. Thank you for giving me the chance to show up all my friends by meeting Sgt. Slaughter and Jimmy Hart. No matter what you spent to fly me to Houston, it was worth it just to see the look of people's face when they sarcastically asked: "You mean, YOU are going to WrestleMania?" That's right, I went, I conquered and now I'm back to review crummy games (none of which were published by THQ, thank you very much).

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