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posted 8/4/2009 by Cyril Lachel
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There aren't a lot of modes to talk about in Country Track Pack. You get a quick play mode, a practice mode and a band story mode. But don't get too excited about the campaign, because it's nothing more than a list of songs you have to play through. In a lot of ways this mode harkens back to the days of Guitar Hero 1 and 2, a nice throwback for people that believe Rock Band has added too many bells and whistles. But I'm not one of those people. I like having things to do, even if it's traveling to brand new country inspired locations and making my own cowboy hat-wearing rock star.

It's worth mentioning that all 21 of the songs found in Rock Band: Country Track Pack can be downloaded to Rock Band 1 and 2. Each copy of the game comes with an individual code that can be used once, much like what we saw with AC/DC Live and the classic rock pack. The truth is, for many people, the only reason to put this game in the system is to unlock the achievements (which are devilishly difficult this time around).

One thing that doesn't make sense to me is why Harmonix refuses to include the ability to download and play songs from the online music store. At first it might seem like that would just defeat the whole point, but what harm would it be? It would at least give Rock Band fans an inexpensive way to have access to the lucrative music store, which is exactly what Harmonix wants in the first place. Even if only a few people ever use the music store, it seems like all of the coding and interface has already been done. Surely it's not harder than just flipping a switch. Then again, I'm not the one making the game, I just review it.

Obviously I could pad this review with a detailed description of how to play the game, the importance of "overdrive" and how much fun it is to have all four players rocking at the same time. But if you're reading this review, then chances are you already own the game and there's no point in my boring you with details you already know. If you're new to Rock Band, then this track pack shouldn't be your first step. While it doesn't require the actual disc to run, it's recommended that you at least play some of Rock Band 1 (preferably Rock Band 2) before spending the $30 on this expansion pack.

Rock Band: Country Track Pack delivers exactly what it shoots for, a disc full of country music that is fun to play by yourself and with a band. Best of all, more than half of the content on this disc hasn't been released anywhere else, making this cheap disc a worthwhile purchase if you're a fan of the music. Obviously you still have to contend with the tracks you don't like, so how much each song is worth comes down to personal taste. I say that this pack is no better or worse than the rest, so country fans should definitely pick it up. I guess now it's time to wait for the just-announced Rock Band: Metal Track Pack scheduled for later this year. Can't wait.

Rock Band: Country Track Pack doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does offer a bunch of new songs that haven't even been released on the online music store. If you're a fan of country music and fake plastic instruments, then this collection of songs should be right up your alley. Another solid Rock Band release from Harmonix!

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