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posted 11/9/2010 by Cyril Lachel
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I guess I can't say that there's no random set list, if you click the Quick Play button you'll be instantly warped into a random song.  But that's the closest this game gets to a single-player campaign.  There's a mode where you can select from your library of songs, however you are forced to play them one at a time.  Being able to create a simple set list or play a full album are simple options that would go a long way.  Instead I felt like the game was fighting the way I like to experience music games.

Although it doesn't stray far from its Rock Band influence, Rhythm Zone does offer at least one bizarre addition to the genre.  To offer an addition challenge, from time to time the note highway will start to move.  It will sway from side to side, which forces the player to move their eyes and pay closer attention.  For the most part this isn't a big deal, but I found the game more enjoyable with this option turned off.  The swaying back and forth felt like a gimmick; I want the song itself to challenge me, not some artificial obstacle.
These minor complaints aside, I had a fun time typing my way through some of my favorite albums.  With a few additions and changes this could be a must-have for Rock Band addict away from a home console.  It may not be the most original game on the market, but Rhythm Zone is a good value at $10.

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company for review.

Rhythm Zone may not be as ambitious as Rock Band 3, but it does offer music lovers an opportunity to play all their favorite songs for cheap. Even with a few fixable problems, Rhythm Zone is just enough game for just the right price!

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