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posted 7/26/2007 by Cyril Lachel
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Devil's Crush (Virtual Console)
What Is It?
Devil's Crush is the sequel to Alien Crush, the popular TurboGrafx-16 pinball game that was released earlier this year on the Virtual Console. With its darker atmosphere, better mini-games and more creative board, Devil's Crush is the one pinball game to buy. That's not to say that Alien Crush is completely useless, but once you've had a taste of this sequel you'll never want to go back to that other pinball game. The game's ominous theme is enhanced by its enemies: wandering skeleton knights, sorcerers and even a giant face that changes from a goddess to a sinister serpent. Where the game excels is when you start to get into the exciting mini-games and boss battles. Couple those exciting mini-games with a great multiplayer experience and you have one of the best Virtual Console games currently available.
Does It Still Hold Up?
Pinball will always hold up. No matter how amazing the newest first-person shooter is, or how realistic the newest racing simulator is, or even how long the newest role-playing game is, pinball is here to stay. Some could argue that the physics in Devil's Crush aren't as realistic as a real pinball game, but who cares? It's not like anything else in this game is especially realistic. Pinball is the type of game anybody can enjoy, no matter who you are or where you came from. Devil's Crush holds up especially well because there's nothing else like it, the board is absolutely crazy with some of the coolest hidden areas I've ever seen.
Is It Worth the Money?
At a mere six dollars Devil's Crush is a steal. While you probably won't want to sit down and play ten straight hours of Devil's Crush, this is the kind of game you will come back to time and time again. Heck, I've owned the game for almost twenty years and I still bring it up every so often to beat my high scores and challenge my friends. Alien Crush is fun, but Devil's Crush is the game to get!

Kirby's Dream Course (Virtual Console)
What Is It?
How the heck did I miss this game the first time around? Kirby's Dream Course was released for the Super NES in late 1994, around the same time that our collective focus started to drift over to the upcoming 32-bit systems. For some odd reason Kirby's Dream Course - a strange combination of platforming action and a miniature golf game - just got lost in the news of amazing polygonal graphics and CD technology. But don't let the release fool you, Kirby's Dream Course is a phenomenal game that is worth rediscovering ... even if you're not the kind of person who normally likes golf games. Forget for a moment that this is essentially a sports game; Dream Course has a funny way of using the fundamentals of putt-putt golf and adding in some cool power-ups and platformer elements. Each level starts with a set amount of enemies on screen that you will have to roll over, do that and a hole will appear and you're off to the next level. In total there are eight different courses, with a grand total of 64 holes in all. The game may not play by the same rules of golf, but there's no denying that this is a great variation on the tired old sport.
Does It Still Hold Up?
While I had a few problems with the control, all in all I had a great time with Kirby's Dream Course. Not only is this a solid one-player game, but this is a blast with a bunch of friends over. There's just nothing quite like it on the Virtual Console ... or any console for that matter. The levels start out small and simple, but by the time you've worked your way through the various levels you'll start to see some real cool course designs. Sure it has a few minor problems here and there, but Kirby's Dream Course is so much fun that you'll have no problem forgiving the game's imperfections.
Is It Worth the Money?
For me this $8 download was a no-brainer, I love putt-putt golf and I missed this game the first time around. The nice thing about this game is that there's so much to do, especially if you're playing this game with multiple people. Eight dollars still seems a bit steep for a 13 year old Super NES game, but this is one game you'll be going back to time and time again. Unless you can find the Super NES cartridge cheaper, I say go download this Virtual Console version.

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