Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares


posted 2/25/2010 by Cyril Lachel
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There is some good news, though.  Along with this brand new chapter, you also get a brand new mode called Mercenaries Reunion.  While it's similar to the Mercenaries mode found on the first Resident Evil 5 disc, they had added enough to the zombie-killing bonus game to keep things interesting.  They have also added a couple of new characters, including Barry Burton and Excella Gionne.  Of the two, it's Excella that is the most entertaining.  She has a number of surprisingly effective moves, and it doesn't hurt that she looks great killing waves of zombies.

Fans of the 2009 game will be happy to hear that this expansion pack allows you to bring a second player in, both online and off.  This isn't just for the short bonus campaign, but also for the brand new Mercenaries Reunion.  The game also gives you a number of different bonuses to earn and objects to collect, giving hardcore Resident Evil junkies something to do after they've completed the brief story mode.

There's a lot to like about this Resident Evil 5 expansion pack, including the cheap price tag.  However, I was let down by the lack of challenge, the short story and the recycled boss fight.  I also wish there was more than one regular enemy to kill, since shooting mutated hunchbacks gets boring after awhile.  It definitely feels like there's more they could have done with this new environment, so part of my harsh reaction comes from pure disappointment.  Still, the price is right for what is a solid, though not spectacular, expansion.

Nobody can fault Capcom for putting the suspense back in the Resident Evil franchise; I only wish there were more genuine scares. As it is, Lost in Nightmares is a solid adventure with a compelling location to explore. It's marred by a short (and insanely easy) campaign and a boss fight that was literally pulled directly from Resident Evil 5. The price is right for this expansion ... it's the length that is all wrong.

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