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posted 3/21/2006 by Cyril Lachel
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There are a variations to this theme of chasing the bad guy down, one includes a Speed rip-off that has you driving a bus and forcing you to keep it above a certain speed or else it blows up.  There are other games like this that keep things fresh, but don't be fooled, Pursuit Force is really all about chasing people down, jumping from car to car, and killing gang members.  Don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing.  This game has found something that works for it and rides it until it cannot be ridden any more.  Some may call it a gimmick, but all of the acrobatics gives this game a fresh feel that is instantly addictive.

If there are any problems with the career modes is that some levels end with non-driving sections, which come off feeling awkward and out of place.  It's not that your Pursuit Force officer has bad control, but these sections just seem tacked on and unnecessary.  You don't run into these sections too often, but every time you run into one a part of you will be a little disappointed.

Pursuit Force is a fast-paced game, but no matter how fast (or slow) you're going the controls are always tight and responsive.  Taking corners is a breeze thanks to a power slide, and racing along is effortless with the game's arcade-style controls.  This game isn't about driving simulation, it's about getting next to a car, jumping on the car, killing the people inside, and then driving it to victory.

To some this theme might get a bit repetitive, but it's a simple little game play mechanic that is fun until you overdo it.  If you get bored of all the jumping you can hop on over to the race mode, which allows you to race all of the levels you fought through in the single player career mode.  In the race they start you at the back and it's your job to finish the race in first, all with one car and no jumping.  This mode is entertaining, if only because it allows you to take in all of the scenery you were too busy to notice when you were shooting, ducking, and fighting off gang members in the career mode. 

The only other option you have is to play through the levels in a time trial, which is fun … I guess.  It's probably not the type of thing you will turn the game on to play, but it's there in case you wanted something like that.

Mysteriously absent is a multiplayer mode, which would have seemed perfect for a game like this.  With it's fun arcade-physics, cool leaping game play and nice selection of weapons, you would have thought this would be a perfect game for multiplayer fun.  But Pursuit Force ends up being one of the few PSP games to feature no Wifi support at all.  A really pity, if you ask me.

One thing you can't be too disappointed in are the graphics.  Pursuit Force looks phenomenal on the PSP's wide screen display, everything looks so beautiful and crisp.  The world whips around you at a mind-blistering speed; this is the type of game you use to show off the power of Sony's portable PlayStation.  The entire game -- from introductions, to menus, to endings -- are all top notch, they feature a very polished look that leads to one of the most satisfying PSP games I have ever played.

Thanks to the game's steep difficulty (especially towards the end of the game) this is one title you won't finish in one sitting, but it is limited in the new content it does provide.  But even after you've finished the career mode you'll still want to go back and get perfect scores on each of the levels to unlock all of the extra goodies.  And even if you've done all that, this really is the type of game you just pull out because it's fun.

Pursuit Force gets nearly every beat right, only falling short thanks to its lack of multiplayer and poor on-foot levels.  But most people should get over these minor gripes and find a game that defines the word "excitement."  If you're looking for something that's just a little different from all those other racing games, then Pursuit Force is for you.  And even if you're not a fan of racers, this might just be the type of action game that makes you a believer. 

Although it might look like your standard racing game, Pursuit Force is unlike any other game on the market. Its speed and energy is unparalleled on the PSP, making this one of the most exciting games you ever will play. This is one game worth checking out, even if you're not a fan of racing games!

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