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posted 2/6/2006 by Cyril Lachel
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If you’ve been reading the site for the last few weeks you know that we are looking forward to Sony’s upcoming road combat game Pursuit Force (check out Cyril’s hands on preview here). We were fortunate enough to score an interview with Ryan Hamlyn the producer on the game

GamingNexus: Pursuit Force was released on in Europe a number of months ago, can you talk a little about why it took so long for us American gamers to get our hands on the game?
Ryan Hamlyn: We wanted to make Pursuit Force as accessible to US players as we could, and that meant making some changes from the European version.  We recorded some new voices, added in features like the save images to memory stick function, and tuned and tuned… and tuned the difficulty.  The end result was well worth the effort, though, and we’re confident that gamers will be glad that we took that little bit of extra time.

GamingNexus: Does Pursuit Force have any multi-player modes, and if so can you explain how they work and how many people can play at the same time?
Ryan Hamlyn: We did not get any multi-payer modes in this time, as we were concentrating our efforts on getting the single-player experience right.

GamingNexus: After watching a number of the previews trailers I can tell that the emphasis is on shooting, can you talk a little about what kinds of weapons we can look forward to using?
Ryan Hamlyn: There are the standard issue police weapons, and then each of the gangs has their own preferred weapons.  So you’ll be dealing with different types of pistols, shotguns, and machine guns, as well as other more “creative” weapons like nail guns, to name a few.

GamingNexus: Were there any specific movies or games that influenced the development of Pursuit Force?
Ryan Hamlyn: Pursuit Force was born in the teams’ minds after watching a ton of action movies—most notable of which are the Bond and Indiana Jones films.  In particular, the scene with Indiana Jones fighting off the bad guys from the hood of a truck really stuck in their minds, and was one of the main seeds for the idea behind Pursuit Force.

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