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Once you've completed the game's Adventure mode, you can then move on to the Challenge mode. If that's not your kind of thing, then maybe playing the game multiplayer will pique your interest. Despite being a fantastic single-playing experience, Peggle surprised me by also being a great two- and four-player game, especially online. Though the modes aren't anything we haven't seen before, it's great to see these extras thrown in to give this game some added value.

The graphics are understandably simple, but that doesn't mean they don't jump off of the screen. The style is in the way each level looks, right down to the puzzles themselves. It's not just weird shapes that you're working against, but real objects like a car or an elephant. Unfortunately there's no real benefit to playing the game using a widescreen display, the game is clearly meant for a 4:3 display. The music is also solid, though it's nothing I would write home about. All in all, the game's presentation is certainly strong for a simplistic puzzle game.

The game does have one problem, though. When it comes right down to it, it's all too brief. Sure the game supports downloadable content, but it won't take you long to go through all 55 of the game's stages. To add insult, other versions of Peggle feature two and three times the amount of puzzles. For example, the recently released Peggle Dual Shot for the Nintendo DS features 125 different puzzles to complete, more than twice the amount of this Xbox Live Arcade version. Still, you do get your ten dollar's worth thanks to the online multiplayer and challenge modes.

Now that I've played and seen everything Peggle has to offer, I kick myself for not checking this game out sooner. Peggle truly is a phenomenal puzzle game, the type of thing that I can go back to over and over again. Even though I am essentially doing the same thing level after leve, I didn't find myself growing tired of lining up shots and watching my ball bounce off of red and blue pegs. Throw in the exciting multiplayer modes and you have another must-buy Xbox Live Arcade title. If you already own the PC version you may want to stick with that, but everybody else should definitely check out this console port. Now, bring on the downloadable content!

I never should have doubted my friends and co-workers. Peggle proves to be another fantastic Xbox Live Arcade game, full of great puzzles, fun characters, cool power-ups and an exciting multiplayer mode. It's a bit on the short side, though. Even with that one complaint, Peggle is well worth your ten dollars!

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