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posted 11/29/2002 by Cyril Lachel
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The game starts you out with only a handful of characters, making you earn the rest of them. What sets Marvel vs. Capcom 2 apart from other fighting games, though, is the ingenious way you shop for extras. You see, every time you play a game, be it a few rounds, or beat the full game, you amass points that can be spent on whatever you want. There are extra stages you can buy, a new costumes, and of course a whole lot of secret characters.

Like all Capcom fighters, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is a solid playing game. Breaking from a decade old tradition, Capcom has decided to only use four attack buttons instead of six. The moves haven’t been changed, so you will have no excuses this time. The game plays just like all the classic games this title is derived from, and feels even better with the PlayStation 2 control. This fighter has been optimized for the layout of the control, which has never felt more natural.

Since you are playing with three characters on your team, you will need to get used to cycling through them during play. On the sidelines your character can rest, regain some health, and even aide you in small ways. For example, if ordered to do so, Ryu may pop out from the side of the screen and throw a fireball, or Jill, the “master of unlocking” from the Resident Evil series, may give you a green herb to heal you a little bit. You are able to choose their helpful abilities right from the character select screen, which means you will have to practice and see which you like the best.

The game lacks any real story, which is probably a good thing, since I really don’t want to know why Felicia, the cat-woman from the Darkstalkers series, is fighting Iron Man. What surprises me, though, is the general lack of one player games. Besides the arcade mode, and a score attack mode, which is basically exactly the same as the arcade mode, this game has nothing else for you to do. It would have been nice if Capcom had included a Survival mode or something, but I guess thems the breaks.

The game is starting to show its age a little. Some of the characters look a tad rough, especially when put up against the beautifully 3D rendered backgrounds. The graphics don’t look bad, but they certainly could use some polishing. Having said that, the effects in this game are better than any other 2D fighter on the planet, and won’t be touched until the third installment arrives. The animation, especially when involved with the special moves, will have you wishing Capcom had included a slow motion button, they are that good.

While it may not wow the crowds like Virtua Fighter 4, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is absolutely one of the best fighting games on the PlayStation 2. If you have been waiting for a 2D fighting game worth getting, you can’t go wrong here, especially if you enjoy intense action and unbelievable effects.

Without a doubt, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is the best 2D fighting game on the PlayStation 2. Of course, it’s also a port of a two-year-old Dreamcast games, which was in turn a port of an arcade game. Having said that, if you never owned a Dreamcast, and you even remotely enjoy 2D fighters, this is a must buy.

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