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One of my biggest concerns with the game is not the lack of variety, but rather how easy it is. Veteran gamers will have little to no problem busting through the levels on their first try. In fact, it's not until several levels in that the enemies are introduced. The obstacles in LocoRoco feel more like an afterthought, especially since there are only a couple types of enemies to deal with. You are much more likely to accidentally land on spikes than you are to be gobbled up by the flying octopus-like creatures. The only real challenge in this game is when you go back and try to pick up all 20 of the berries in each level, thanks to the level designs and all of the secret locations, this can be an extremely difficult task. 
What makes LocoRoco stand out from the rest of the 2D crowd is the way it looks. The entire game has a very unique art style that is unlike anything you have ever seen in a video game before. Every character, background and enemy is a solid color, and when they are all mixed together it is a beautiful thing to behold. Even more impressive is the animation. Your little LocoRoco blob animates in a very realistic fashion, it has a liquid look that is impossible to resist. When you see the graphics and animation together it's hard not to be impressed, after twenty years of 2D platformers it's shocking to find a game that is so different looking, even if you're not into the simple game play you will probably find that you are still entertained by the presentation.
While it's true that you will be going back and playing levels that look similar to what you've gone through before, LocoRoco does still have a few surprises in store for you. Just about the time I started to tire of the game play, the game managed to add something new and change things up. While you are never granted new moves, you will be forced to look at the world in a different way from level to level. This game is about more than rushing through a level from left to right; it has you flying through the air, working around giant beach balls and even being turned into weird shapes. While the theme remains the same throughout the whole game, how you achieve your goals changes in fun and interesting ways.
LocoRoco is a perfect game for people on the go; none of the levels are especially long (averaging just a few minutes) and it's easy to pick up and play. Even after you've gone through the main story (if you can call it that) you will still have a good time going back and collecting the fruit you missed and uncovering the hidden Mui Mui creatures scattered throughout the levels. You will also want to go back and unlock all of the pieces of your house, just so you can creature your own mini levels. There's no doubt about it, LocoRoco has a lot more replay than it may seem at first glance.
Despite having a few minor flaws, LocoRoco proves to be one of the most endearing games on the PSP. If you're the type of gamer who is sick of racing games, fighting games and of course Grand Theft Auto, then LocoRoco will be a welcome breath of fresh air. If you're not afraid of a game with a lot of personality and some of the most upbeat music you will ever hear, then LocoRoco is the game for you.

While LocoRoco is guilty of being overly upbeat and adorable, it's also guilty of being a solid 2D platformer that is a welcome addition to any PSP library.

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