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Every level found in the original computer version of Lemmings has been faithfully recreated in this PSP port, everything from the various layouts to the names of the levels.  You will find all 30 levels of Fun, 30 levels of Tricky, 30 levels of Taxing, and for the experts, 30 levels of Mayhem.  That's 120 levels of hardcore lemming saving; enough to crack even the most dedicated puzzle addict.  But just when you feel like you've mastered all of the levels Team 17 has tossed in an extra 36 stages.

Chances are that the 150 stages found in Lemmings will keep you busy for months, but let's say you're the type of puzzle fan that can whip through these complex levels in a single weekend.  Well buddy, you're in luck.  Not only does this PSP version of Lemmings allow you to make your own levels but you will also be able to upload your creations to Sony's online server, which allows anybody who owns the game to download and play your masterpieces.  Assuming the Lemmings community comes together and offers a lot of content this could mean that fans of the game will always have new levels to content with.

Downloading new levels is quick and painless; you can access them from the main menu at any time (assuming you have the right memory stick plugged into your PSP).  Unfortunately creating the levels is considerably more difficult, requiring you to overcome a bit of a learning curve before you start developing stages on par with what Team 17 packaged in the game.  But if you're the creative type this level editor will do everything you want it to, and may ultimately keep you coming back to this game months (maybe even years) after you've beaten all of the single player stuff.

Some may scoff at the idea of reviving a 15 year old puzzle game, but there's certainly enough in this updated Lemmings to recommend it.  The graphics are surprisingly sharp, the game play is spot on, there are plenty of challenging levels, and a map editor just waiting for you to learn its intricacies.  And if that's not enough for you, you will be able to download hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of user-created levels.  If you're looking for the type of portable game you can pick up and play for no more than a few minutes at a time, then Lemmings on the PSP is a great choice.

This version of Lemmings won't change your mind if you hated the original computer hit, but if you were a fan this is one update worth checking out.  It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does manage to get every element of Lemmings just right.  I could have asked for more levels, but what Team 17 has given us is one heck of a comeback for our favorite suicidal rodents.

Lemmings on the PSP gives you everything you could have asked for -- new graphics, good control, plenty of levels, and a robust level editor. It may not reinvent the wheel but this brand new Lemmings will make you forget that you're playing a game that is fifteen years old!

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