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posted 9/7/2010 by Cyril Lachel
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Speaking of the game's presentation, the art style is drawn with what looks like water colors.  The only game I've ever played to pull off a similar style is Yoshi's Island on the Super NES (and Game Boy Advance).  Unfortunately, this game isn't very colorful.  All of the platforms are a dreary brown color, and none of the obstacles add much color to the affair.  The backgrounds vary in style, but they never impact the actual level.  Instead the backgrounds just hang out in the distance, only there to suggest you're actually making progress on this journey.

Because there is so little story or character development, I found that I wasn't invested in Ivy.  Oh sure, I want her to find her way home, but that really took a backseat to the mountain of levels I had to climb along the way.  Even though they come in all shapes and sizes, the levels don't differ too much from one to the next.  If you don't like the puzzles in the first few worlds, chances are you won't like the rest of the game.  Thankfully I had a good time with the gameplay mechanics, though I certainly started to tire of the repetition towards the end.

On top of the single-player levels, Ivy the Kiwi? also supports up to three more friends.  The four player mode involves you racing against your friends and earning points.  This mode is strictly offline splitscreen, which is a shame.  Still, the barrier for entry is fairly low (each player only needs a Wii remote, the nunchuk is not required) and it's an easy way to lose a few hours. 

Ivy the Kiwi? may not be as fast as Sonic or colorful as Samba De Amigo, but she stars in a solid puzzle game that takes advantage of the Wii's unique motion control.  This isn't a perfect game and I found myself getting bored towards the end, but there's enough here for you to get your money's worth.  It turns out that Ivy the Kiwi? is one question worth answering.

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From the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog comes Ivy the Kiwi?, a cute little platformer/puzzler that takes players on a 100+ level adventure home. With its unique gameplay and cool art style, Ivy makes a great first impression. The game mechanics get a little tiring as the game goes on, but there's more than enough depth and challenge to warrant the purchase!

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