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posted 2/15/2003 by Cyril Lachel
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The fighting set up is fairly simple, and for the most part well put together. It’s pretty basic in scope, limiting your actions to the basics: attack, escape, defend, items, etc. If you’ve played any role playing game, you will have absolutely NO problem navigating the menus. Like many other aspects of Evolution Worlds, it feels like the game is intended to be an introduction into “role playing games”. So, if you have never played an RPG, you probably won’t have much trouble figuring out the menus.

And even if you do have problems, there is more information on how to play in the instructions than any other book I’ve seen. It even comes with its own FAQ page, which ends up spanning a few pages. This is clearly not meant to topple the Final Fantasy franchise.

The game is not just easy to play, it’s easy in general. I played through the entire quest and didn’t die once. In fact, only two of my characters died the entire game, and both of those were on purpose, trying to upgrade my magic (we’ll get into that in a moment). There aren’t really any puzzles to solve, it’s mostly just getting into battles, defeating the creatures, and then finding your way to the next part of the dungeon.

One of the limiting things about Evolution Worlds, is the general lack of playable characters. You always control Mag Launcher, a young adventure seeker with a backpack that looks, and acts, a little like a Swiss Army Knife. Outside of Mag, though, there are only a few characters you to pick from for your party, only one or two of which are really any use at all.

Gre is the well dressed butler, who packs a shotgun to keep him safe. Linear is your basic young girl with a mysterious past. While you end up having to save her, and she ends up being the key to the whole story, you never really get the feeling that there’s much character development.

There’s also a character named Chain Gun, who not only sports an unfortunate name, but also looks an awful lot like a boy. It wasn’t until I switched on the sound and heard the voice that I realized that Chain was indeed a girl. Of course, this is really the least of this game’s worries.
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