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posted 10/21/2010 by Cyril Lachel
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While I was happy to see the emphasis placed on creating new weapons, I wish Chuck Greene was a little easier to control.  The gameplay is a little chunky and not always well suited for what the game asks of you.  This is especially true in boss battles.  Often you'll have to make precise hits, but the hand-to-hand combat is atrocious.  It's not so bad with a mindless zombie, but the living, thinking humans are another story.

I was happy to see that Capcom added cooperative online play to this sequel.  It's fun to hang out in this world with a buddy, even if you're just goofing off.  Adding the second player will bring me back long after I max out my characters stats, one of the disappointing omissions from the first game. 

Speaking of online multiplayer, Dead Rising 2 features a bunch of interesting game show-related modes built for up to four players.  In Ball Buster you throw bowling balls at zombies for points, while in Bounty Hunter players pick off zombies before they make their way to the center of the arena.  Headache involves you slapping specially made blender hats on as many zombies as you can.  Ramsterball sees players strapped into a giant hamster ball.  And the groan-worthy Stand-Up Zomedy has you dressing up the undead for laughs.  These modes are a little hit or miss, but I had a reasonably good time playing each and every one of them.

Of course, none of this is going to matter if you can't get past the central premise of the title.  The leveling up system and non-stop escort missions are going to turn a lot of gamers off.  While I understand that point of view, I had nothing but a great time exploring the themed casinos, finding all of the secrets and assembling bigger and better weaponry.  If you can stick through a restart or two, Dead Rising 2 is flush with great content and fun cultural gags.

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Dead Rising 2 won't attract many new fans, but gamers who can put up with the funky leveling-up system are in for a real treat. With hundreds of zombies on screen, all kinds of cool weapons to create and a story that is actually compelling, Capcom has created the sequel Dead Rising fans have been asking for!

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