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posted 6/16/2003 by Cyril Lachel
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The Real E3: Day Zero

A lot of planning has gone into the Electronic Entertainment Exposition, the premiere video game trade show in the United States. For eight years E3 has been the leading event for the showcasing of future games, systems, and accessories. A virtual wasteland of sounds, colors, and provocative images thrown together like some Jackson Pollock painting.

Before E3, video game professionals gathered at the summer and winter Consumer Electronic Shows (C.E.S.), a trade show build for all electronic industries, be it car stereos, computers, or televisions. Many of the worlds most bought inventions have come from this convention, and for many years the C.E.S. was the place to be if you wanted to know what Nintendo, Sega, and N.E.C. had up their sleeves.

But as video games became more popular, it was clear these giants of interactive entertainment needed a bigger venue. They needed their own trade show where they could discuss the good parts of the industry, and figure out ways of combating the bad. They needed a place where they could show off their newest game system without worrying about somebody debuting a new media format, like DVD.

Flash forward eight years, and video games are among the biggest moneymaking forms of entertainment around. They outpace Hollywood’s box office totals, major sports teams, and almost every other form of fun you can think of. Love them or hate them, video games are a legitimate art form that is just as controversial as books, movies, music, and TV ever was.

And even now, there is a great deal of preparation being into an event like this. E3 coordinators start months ahead of time selling booth space, registering people, getting the promotions ready, and doing everything they can do make each year better than the year before.

Since they’ve gone to all this trouble, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the people that attend the event to put a little thinking into their planning. I can be accused of many things in my life, but being unorganized is not one of them. Putting some time into your pre-E3 preparation shows that you are an upstanding member of the human race, and worthy of going to an event like this. That’s why we’re going to jump right into our very first rule …

Rule One – Pack Accordingly … this is E3 after all!

It’s important to know what you want to pack when going to a convention like this. Obviously, clothes, toiletries, and other vacation nick-knacks are a must, but there are a few items exclusive to this line of convention.

For starters, you’re going to need to bring an extra suitcase. I won’t begin to say how much room you will truly need; it all depends on how many goodies, magazines, and other free handouts you want. But I can tell you; it’s going to take more than one suitcase to adequately bring everything back. By the end of my trip, I can guarantee that my two suitcases exceeded the new weight limit passed only days prior to my trip.

Since you will be lifting heavy suitcases, lugging around weighty bags, and walking for hours on end, it is suggested you do a little working out before you make this leap. While anybody that knows me can attest to, I’m not in the best of shape, and have never been one who has exactly “embraced” exercise with loving arms, I did do my part to get in shape.

Problem was, there are only so many exercises one can feel comfortable performing while sitting and watching a Charles in Charge marathon. Had that been only a week earlier, I would have been able to bulk up and walk for hours. So, instead I popped diet pills all week, and didn’t get much sleep. But learn from my failures, it’s a good idea to do a little walking before the show.

If you can’t exercise, you may want to get a lot of sleep. You’ll want to be bright eyed for all the things you’ll see and hear at E3. And one of the best things you can do for yourself is being well rested, and ready to tackle the expo with as much well intentioned force as possible. Of course, if you’ve been popping diet pills all week, it can be awfully hard to get that needed sleep, even if you want it. Chance are good you’ll find yourself sitting in the complete darkness wondering what other people think of you. Whether or not you should have cut your hair. If you have enough clothes to get you through the week. If you have any right to be going at all, and other such paranoid thoughts.

You may also want to bring a camera of some sort. After all, there are sites to see, and things you will want to remember (and show your children) long after the second video game crash has happened and nobody cares about games. Oh … and there are booth babes, something the friends back home will surely want you to bring back pictures of.
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