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posted 6/3/2008 by Cyril Lachel
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A perfect example of this would be the Point Stealer round, an even that comes up right before the end of the game/show. As the name suggests, Point Stealer is a round where you answer a question quickly and then take somebody else's points. In a four-player room this makes a lot of sense, since you can take from people evenly. However, in a two-player game you can only take from the other person, so either it goes back and forth (which is pointless) or it's a blow out (which is frustrating). It would have been nice to see more care put into the two-player matches.

Usually this would be a major bone of contention for me, however with its simple gameplay and cute graphics it's hard to imagine anybody having too much trouble finding people to play with. The control looks like it's specially designed for non-gamers, since it's as basic as pushing a big red button and hitting the right button to answer. Even the various modes feel like they were set up to give everybody a fair shot, which can sometimes be frustrating for movie buffs looking to blow everybody out of the water. The entire package is as non-offensive as possible, attracting a broad audience of movie and trivia fans.

To help dial up the cuteness, characters get to choose from a number of funny characters, all based on different movies (Rambo, Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc.). You will also get to choose from a whole bunch of cool (and annoying) buzzer effects, sure to get on the nerves of whoever is losing. Add in some good (albeit simplistic) graphics and an annoying theme song and you have a recipe for a fun party.

At the end of the day that's the best Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz can aspire to. Let's face it, this is not the kind of game you buy to play every day, it's the kind of thing you pull out when you have a bunch of friends over. As a party game this is a fun waste of thirty to sixty minutes, and chances are it won't feel stale the next time you have a bunch of buddy's over. Best of all, the game allows you to tailor the experience for whatever kind of guests you have over (casual movie fans, movie fanatics, etc.). It's not without a few problems here and there, but Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is a solid trivia game for the PlayStation 2.

Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz isn't perfect; it has an annoying host and some of the different events kind of suck. But for all its faults, this new Buzz game still gives you a lot of questions to answer and has just enough character to keep you coming back for more. Buzz is perfect for people who plan on doing a lot of entertaining in the near future!

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