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posted 1/21/2008 by Cyril Lachel
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That's the other big problem with the game; it never feels like there's much of a reason for you to be performing these tasks. This town that is supposedly under attack looks peaceful to me, and if these townsfolk were so desperate for help then why am I getting paid at minimum wage levels? And that's not the worst of it, Wanako Studios has taken away the most addictive aspect of a dungeon crawler - the ability to pick up the enemy's dropped treasure/weapons. It's not that you can't pick up the fallen loot, but when it comes right down to it there's no reason to. The weapons the enemy's drop barely nets you any money and you'll never want to equip it because you will already have better items. I found myself simply avoiding most of the dropped treasure when I played the game, which defeats the whole purpose of this type of game in my opinion.

Thankfully there are a couple of nice things to say about Arkadian Warriors. For one thing, it's nice that you're able to play through this game with an online friend, having a second person around will definitely diminish the monotony. I also enjoyed the fact that this game isn't too wordy, I'm sick and tired of Diablo-clones that spend ten minutes explaining a story you honestly don't care about. All you want to do is jump down a hole and start killing things, the fact that there's this exciting good vs. evil story in the backdrop is just the gravy.

The one thing Arkadian Warrior does manage to get right is the actual hacking and slashing mechanic. While it's not as good as some dungeon crawlers, the controls in this game are easy to manage and never get in the way. The game gives you a different button for everything you could want (attack, magic, block, etc.), and Wanako Studios even went ahead and gave us a lock-on button (which makes one on one battles a lot easier to manage). Unfortunately all of these good things are squandered by a game that is just boring and repetitious.

The game's presentation is also something of a mixed bag. It's not that Arkadian Warrior looks bad, but the game never pops off the screen the way that the best looking Xbox Live Arcade games do. Also, I noticed that everything got real ugly once we entered a dungeon. While I'm sure that most dark dungeons would be dirty and ugly, the fact is that you're spending most of your time in these levels, so part of me kind of wishes that these segments looked more appealing. To top it all off, the various monsters are pretty boring and they are repeated over and over with different colors (to represent their difficulty, I have to assume).

Arkadian Warrior isn't a bad game by any means; it's just a boring game that doesn't stand out in any way. If all you're looking for is a cheap Gauntlet-style dungeon crawler you can play with your friends, then you might find a certain amount of fun in Arkadian Warrior. But don't expect much more than that. At the end of the day this is just an average action RPG that doesn't try to do anything new or exciting.

Arkadian Warrior could have been the Xbox Live Arcade's Diablo, but due to lazy programming, a boring story, repetitive level designs and crummy graphics, it just ends up being another average action RPG.

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