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posted 4/18/2005 by Cyril Lachel
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Unfortunately I didn’t find it all that appealing after awhile. Even with the large amount of levels and variety, I still couldn’t shake the feeling that this was all very repetitive. To me Mercury had a lot in common with Lemmings, where the theme is a lot of fun, but since you are always doing the same thing in every level it just starts to feel futile after awhile. This is the type of game I can see somebody picking away at over a long period of time, but not all at once.

There is a two-player mode that allows you and a friend to race against each other on any one of the game’s levels. While this mode can lead to some tight races, most of the levels don’t really feel like they were designed for this in mind, and something about the theme don’t rub off with multiple people. Part of the problem is that this mode feels tacked on, like it was a last minute feature to take part of the whole Wi Fi excitement. It’s worth noting that the box suggests that the game can be played online via the Infrastructure mode, but that is not the case, as Ad Hoc is the only mode I found in my copy.

We already knew the PSP is capable of amazing graphics, but I was still impressed with the visual look of Mercury. Not only are the backgrounds interesting and unique, but each table features a lot of extra detail that gives it a very stylish look. As you move from one table to the next you will find all kinds of effects and obstacles that really shine on the PSP screen.

It’s easy to see how somebody could really get into Mercury; it’s a challenging game that always seems to offer something new and original in every level. I enjoyed the way the game played, but found myself growing tired of it before too long. For me it would seem that it was not the most addictive game I have ever played, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t have an audience that will appreciate it for what it is. I got sucked in for awhile, but the trial and error game play and non-stop mazes wore me out.

Mercury is the type of game that has enough of a challenge to keep you coming back to it for months to come … if you don’t get worn out of the game play before then.

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