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posted 1/10/2005 by Cyril Lachel
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One Page Platforms: PS2
Of course, none of that is a bad thing. In a funny way the game’s lack of detail plays to its advantage. The game is overflowing with style, and the look often gives the jokes a spontaneous feel. The game certainly doesn’t look bad, but it’s more of a difference between the animation style of TV shows the Simpsons and South Park. They both get the job done, but there’s no denying that one looks noticeably cruder.

The controls are nearly as simple as the graphics. You can shoot in four directions (up, down, left, and right), you can charge your weapon for a larger, more powerful blast, and you can throw a set number of grenades. If an enemy gets too close you will be able to stab them with your knife, and you can also jump on top of your foes head and bite it clean off. If you’re in a pinch and need an extra boost, you can shoot towards the ground and propel yourself up every so slightly. This works for extending your jumps and making haste of the enemies below. Unfortunately, like the Metal Slug series, Alien Hominid does not allow you to fire in any diagonal directions.

Along the way you will find more powerful guns, some that freeze the enemies and others that cut them clean in half. The outcome is the same, but the game provides all kinds of entertaining deaths for you to watch (if you can break away from the action for long enough). Along with the ability to pilot your space ship and drive cars, Alien Hominid is more than just a great playing action game; it’s one of the most enjoyable. And if I haven’t said so yet, it’s also among the funniest games you will ever play.

The game is not without a few faults, though. For one thing, there are far too many cheap shots. This is the type of game that requires a lot of fast fingers and quick dodging … the problem is that a lot of the time you never see what actually hits you. You’re either too busy looking elsewhere or the bullet is just masked by other explosions, dying bodies, or even the background itself. Early sessions will result in a lot of senseless (and often frustrating) dying until you start to get the hang of the chaos or memorize the enemy locations.

If the game proves to be too difficult by yourself, don’t worry, because all of the main game can be played with one- or two-players, allowing each Alien to fight over hat colors, weapons, and kills. In the main menu you can choose from any level you’ve earned, making this a surprisingly easy game to jump right into with a friend over. You can also fight over score and extras found … but considering that most of the time you’re too busy staying alive, chances are you won’t be too worried who came out ahead after each round.

Not only does Alien Hominid feature an entertaining story mode, but it also has a number of wacky mini-games you can play by yourself and with friends. Initially the PDA games are the only thing that you can access, but that’s okay because it’s here that most of the excitement is found. These levels are generally pretty simple, always requires you to take out the guards (by jumping on their heads) before the door to the next level will open. The stages will throw you back to a time when Nintendo’s Game & Watch could be found at Sears and Donkey Kong was still an arcade cabinet. They start easy enough, but it won’t take long before the stages become conspicuously harder.
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