Zombrex Dead Rising Sun release dates announced

Posted by: Jeremy at 7/15/2010 11:11 AM
Capcom has revealed  the release dates for Inafune’s directorial debut Zombrex Dead Rising Sun which serves as a promotional tool for the upcoming Dead Rising 2. The short film will be rolled out to the public over the course of 8 episodes. The episodes will be released on 2 locations, Xbox Live and the website. All of the episodes will be rolled out over the course of the month of August:

Episodes 1-3
August 4, 2010 on Xbox Live
August 11, 2010 on

Episodes 4-5
August 11, 2010 on Xbox Live
August 18, 2010 on

Episodes 6-7
August 18, 2010 on Xbox Live and

Episode 8
August 25, 2010 on Xbox Live
September 1, 2010 on

All of these episodes willbe released free of charge... nada... zip... zilch... zero. All that you have to do is log on and download. While you wait, you can check out some shots from the movie and its filming below: