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The Warriors start a fight on Facebook

by: Chad -
Paramount's film The Warriors was originally released in 1979.  I've never seen the movie but have been hearing a lot about it for some reason. 

Yesterday marked the release of The Warriors Street Brawl, a free Facebook app based on the film.  You choose one of the gangs from the film and start fighting.   Do well and get a better rank.  Do poorly and you'll have to retire to clear your name. 

Check it out here.
If you like cult-classic film "The Warriors," check out Paramount's new Facebook app, available for free at http://apps.facebook.com/warriorsstreetbrawl/. Choose one of the gangs from the film and start brawling your friends - if you score enough victories you'll move up in rank, but if you lose, you have to retire to clear your name. Users can vote on the battles and see who gets crowned the true overlord of New York!
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