Tabula Rasa's Friday Night Fights head into the CELLAR

Posted by: Randy at 5/23/2008 12:39 AM
A rather unique development within the Tabula Rasa experience has been its "Friday Night Fights," in which players sign up to face off in hand-to-hand combat every Friday evening.  Dev team members make plenty of appearances, to include cover girl Sarah Morrison and General British himself.  The Deployment 8 update wholly embraces this player-run fight club culture and brings a fighting ring (named the "CELLAR"), boxing gloves, padded helmets, and boxing shorts to the arena.  For spectators, there's a VIP lounge and an observation deck.  This is a grand gesture from the Tabula Rasa development team, but let's hope the Friday Night Fights don't lose their underground edge because of it.  Because, I mean, would Fight Club have been such a cool premise if the fights just took place in a boxing ring?