Spiderman gets Ultimate at the Edge of Time

Posted by: Sean Colleli at 9/17/2011 11:30 PM
The latest screenshots of Spiderman: Edge of Time are showing off one of the unlockable costumes you can get, and it's the same duds the new Spidey will be wearing in the big change-up in the Ultimate book. I'm not too up to date but supposedly a new hero is taking up the mantle from Peter Parker and he has a slicker costume to go with his new identity. 

Looks pretty cool if you ask me, but Sorry, but am I the only person who just isn't very enthusiastic about the newer Spiderman games? There was supposedly some huge gameplay reboot with Shattered Dimensions, but it just felt like a God of War clone with some Arkham Asylum thrown in for good measure. Edge of Time looks like more of the same gameplay-wise. Hey Beenox, can we just have another free-roaming Spidey game, without all the time travel and dimension swapping? Oh, and give him back the web powers from the ancient PS1 Spiderman game. Those were pretty sweet.