Samaritan shows the future of the Unreal Engine 3

Posted by: Jeremy at 3/16/2011 8:49 AM
Epic was on hand at the recent Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco to assure the development world that the Unreal Engine 3 was far from done; the engine may be a few years old, but there it still has a ton of life yet. The studio presented a new tech demo using the engine, entitled Samaritan, which showed some of the recent refinements made to the engine.

The visual demonstration, which you can view below, shows a variety of the recent advancements in the engine in action. You can see the engine using DirectX11 and NVIDIA APEX physics as well as improved shader models and multi-sampled textures. All of these features will be available to the public in March UDK Beta which is currently available for free.

Source: Game Informer

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