Saints Row IV: Dev Diary #3

Posted by: Sean Colleli at 8/14/2013 12:40 AM
The Saints Row series has always been about raising the bar on insanity in each new installment, adding everything the fans asked for and a lot of stuff they didn't event think of. Saints Row IV, then, seems to be following in that illustrious tradition, and this new dev diary shows off some of the ways it's doing it. Aliens? Check. You're the president? Check. Super powers, spaceships and a deadly wub-wub dubstep gun? Hey, do you even need to ask? People might be getting hyped for GTA5, but I think I'll stick with the game that lets me skydive out of a flying saucer as a naked chrome-orange fay guy. Because I can. I think they should've called this game Saints Row IV: Why the Hell Not?

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