Rise of the Triad coming July 31st, bringing preorder bonuses with it

Posted by: Sean Colleli at 7/2/2013 1:25 AM
Interceptor Entertainment has had already an interesting history in its recent life. It started as a modding team doing an HD remake of Duke Nukem 3D, but for whatever reason Gearbox shut that project down--maybe to avoid yet more unpleasant comparisons to Duke Nukem Forever? In any case Interceptor rolled with the punches and decided to remake another 90s FPS classic: Rise of the Triad. Heck yes! Duke has outstayed his welcome, but a return to Rise of the Triad is a lot more interesting. The HD remake will be available July 31st for a mere $14.99, and if you preorder the game you get a 4-pack of classic Apogee titles: the original Rise of the Triad, its expansion pack,  Blake Stone Aliens of Gold and Blake Stone: Planet Strike. Hit the jump for preordering info, and check out this new launch trailer too.

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