PC version of Payday 2 getting new Christmas themed DLC

Posted by: Nathan at 12/16/2013 8:12 PM

Tis the season to be jolly and Overkill Studios has a Christmas gift for the Payday 2 community in the form on free DLC. The free DLC will contain a new heist, a free weapon modification and free Santa masks! 

The Charlie Santa Heist - The Charlie Santa heists is based on a popular map from Counter Strike: GO and is a classic bank job. Get in the vault, hit the deposit boxes, get out. This new heist however has an added twist as Bain has a pretty interesting way to get the money away from the scene of the crime

Free Weapon Modification - A special gift to the Payday 2 community. Players will get a special weapon sight which will come in hardy if snipers show up. 

Free Santa Mask - Anyone who joins the official Payday 2 group on Steam will get a Santa mask for free.

Nine New Achievements - Players will find nine new Christmas related achievements to add to their collection. 

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