Nintendo and Toys R Us teaming up for Pokemon event

Posted by: Jeremy at 4/20/2011 9:20 AM
Nintendo is teaming up  with Toys R Us to run a month-long campaign promoting Pokemon Black and White. Between April 27 and May 31, players of both games can visit their local Toys R us retail stores and obtain a special “secret” egg within their respective game(s). Each egg obtained will unlock one of three secret Pokemon in the DS game(s).

The event coincides with the Pokemon Black & white animated series in which Ash will soon be given a delicate Pokemon egg to care for. Just like the main character of the show, players will be tasked with “carrying” their egg (in the game) until it hatches and reveals a new Pokemon.

 Just remember to take your DS and game with you when you visit the store so that the egg data can be downloaded to your game...