News Roundup: Caesar IV the World is Yours

by: Randy -
The AtomicGamer News Desk keep the mirrors nice and shiny for you sleeping beauties.  Also, thanks to Legit Reviews for keeping us aware of the hardware arena.

Previews, Reviews, Screenshots
  • The scale of the battles sure ain't Total War, but Caesar IV does show off a lot more structural damage in these screenshots.
  • These screenshots prove that in Scarface: The World is Yours, yet it's still a World in Conflict.
  • And the Ambiguous Game Title award goes to ... Pompolic: Call for Heroes.  These screens should clarify a bit, though.
  • The hardware geeks at Legit Reviews cover the XFX GeForce 7900GS 480M Extreme, letting you know if this video card is worth a couple Benjamins. [LR]
Trailers, Trailers, Trailers
  • The synthesizers.  The Trans Ams.  The butterfly collars.  They're all portable in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for the PSP.  (See the trailer.)
  • Joint Task Force's movie #5 arrives in various formats: WMV/Low, QT/Low, WMV/High, and QT/High.
  • Motorcycle racing enthusiasts, here's the Super-Bikes: Riding Challenge Yamaha trailer.
  • From the producers of Missing Since January comes a French trailer for Evidence: The Last Ritual.  Get real spam from virtual characters to crack the code and solve the case.
  • Tony Hawk's Project 8 (I'm surprised they didn't go with "Section" 8) treats you with its Tricks trailer.
  • Half Life 2 Episode 2 slides in gameplay trailer #3.
  • Strategic Command 2: Blitzkrieg is up to patch v.1.04.
  • And v.1.60 is out for life!  For Liberty! and the pursuit of patchiness.
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