Karateka arrives kicking and screa... well, kicking this November

Posted by: Jeremy at 10/3/2012 10:47 AM
While most gamers will associate the name Jordan Mechner with Prince of Persia, some (including John and myself) think of another, lesser-known title: Karateka. Katateka was the less popular, albeit better version of the classic game Kung-Fu. I played endless hours of it myself on the Apple IIE back during the early 1980‘s.

The game won’t be that obscure for much longer as a remake is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade this November. The 3D remake will be launching on November 14 on Microsoft’s digital service. The game definitely looks a bit different than I remember it, but that is to be expected after nearly 20 years; gameplay is what really matters and hopefully it lives up to the high standard(s) of the original.

You can check out the first screens of the game below.