Hearts of Iron III: Semper Fi gets a patch job

Posted by: Dan at 8/6/2010 8:52 AM
Paradox Interactive is looking to make our gaming experience better, and they did a little of that today by patching Hearts of iron III: Semper Fi. Players of the PC-based WWII Strategy game should see noticeable AI improvements, improved game stability and a slew of bug fixes. Check out a list of major fixes below, or head to one of the companies media outlets (,, or to get the complete list.

Major Changes in 2.03b
  • Fixed multiple stability bugs, most related to nations being annexed
  • Fixed the missing unit model picture bug
  • Fixed the Arcade Mode freeze during "Adapting History"
  • Fixed the bug with automated HQs below Theatre level suddenly deciding to defend the whole theatre front
  • Convoys should no longer ship either fuel or supplies when none are needed in the area
  • AI improvements across the board