Gaming Odds and Ends

Posted by: Chuck at 2/22/2008 12:23 PM
Here are a few things I missed while wondering how they got a lion to ride a horse:
  • Now that Duke Nukem has predicted the winner of the format war, can he predict when the game will come out
  • I'm up for a game of Bac Attack solely because Steve Meretzky came up with the idea.
  • Denis Dyack and Matt Karch discuss the role of story in games.  Confrontation is always fun.
  • Is Wil Wright really worried about Spore
  • Are the aggregate Metacritic/GameRanking scores really a measurement of how well a game company is doing? EA's CEO thinks so.
  • fl0w is the number one downloaded title on PSN, I hope that Everyday Shooter catches up by the end of next year
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