Facebook and zombies: A match made in heaven?

Posted by: Nathaniel at 12/19/2011 5:21 PM
It would appear that now even Facebook games are trying to carve out a space for themselves on the old zombie teat., the first hardcore social RPG, has announced a large-scale expansion designed to play on all gamers' innate fear of the zombie apocalypse.  Zombie Invasion will take the game world and turn it on its head, with some parts of the game world never being the same again.  There's a new story, quests, areas, and enemies for fans to enjoy.  And don't think it's a re-skin either; Zombie Invasion is a full-on zombie brains-to-the-wall expansion.  Since I know just how badly you all want to check it out right now, let me cut out the middleman.  Simply go to (Pretty genius making the game's title the same as its web address, no?) to register.  You don't even have to download anything.
If you have no idea what I'm talking about and think is some sort of Internet firearm maintenance service, you can go here and here to check my earlier coverage, or go here to check out an interview our very own Chuck conducted with SuperCell's two Mikkos.

The First Real-Time Multiplayer RPG for Facebook Announces First Expansion

The undead walk and the Resistance braces for new threats as Supercell announced the launch of's first expansion, Zombies Online today. Zombies have taken over the Dawnbreak island after a huge explosion in an underground research institute. As the virus keeps on spreading, people unite their forces and fight for their lives. And for lives of everybody in Dawnbreak.

Zombies Online completely overhauls the game's visuals--some areas will never be the same--and adds new enemies, new areas, new quests, and a whole new story. New players will adventure through a completely revamped starting area.

“With we wanted to introduce something totally new on Facebook, a real-time multiplayer game with highly evolved social features that make it possible for our users to make new friends via the game. Now that has been out of beta for 1,5 months, it’s time to take the next strategic step – we are launching a full blown expansion like never seen on a Facebook game before” states Ilkka Paananen, CEO of Supercell.

“We have seen some amazing things happening in People are organizing in-game parties, they form alliances and we have even seen an in-game strike! Most of these people don’t know each other outside the game, it’s the shared interest that brings them together. Real time interaction between the users is really the key: the new connections they make in the game are the main reason why they keep coming back to it. Facebook as a gaming platform enables this rich social gaming experience, and that is the reason why we think Facebook is going to be the biggest gaming platform in the world.” pairs the social features of a Facebook game with the rich, deep gameplay of traditional gaming titles. In addition to real-time multiplayer, features an open gameworld for players to explore as well as social game features including hiring friends on as mercenaries, PvP arena, global in-game chat and a team-finding feature allowing players to group up and take down powerful bosses.