Double XP weekend for Call of Duty: World at War players

by: Nathan -
To encourage players to hope online and play all weekend Activision and Treyarch are giving out double the experience points. Of course don't take my word for it just take a look at this short but sweet press release:

"To compliment The Big Game, Call of Duty: World at War players will receive Double-XP this weekend—January 30th through February 1st.Not only will players receive Double-XP, but due to popular request they will have two new playlists at their disposal for Xbox 360 and PS3: Team Tactical (4v4) and Mercenary TDM (no parties allowed)! Team Tactical will pit two teams of four against each other in a random rotation of all the Team-Based gametypes "

Double XP and two new play options! I don't think I'll be able to put done my controller long enough to watch the Super Bowl that is if it was CoD 4 and not World at War. Oh well more commercials to watch I suppose.
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