Clean up Lo Wang's mess in Shadow Warrior: Viscera Cleanup Detail

Posted by: Sean Colleli at 10/14/2013 6:03 PM

Shadow Warrior is a gory, messy game. Things can get quite out of hand as you dice dozens and dozens of demons into tiny, bloody chunks. Runestorm and Flying Wild Hog have teamed up to bring you a unique look at the world of an M-rated FPS--just who cleans up all those gibs anyway? In Shadow Warrior: Viscera Cleanup Detail, a free minigame available to anyone who bought the new Shadow Warrior game, you play as one of Zilla Enterprise's weary janitors tasked with scrubbing up the unspeakable pile of limbs and entrails Lo Wang leaves in his wake. This is why I love Devolver digital.

Check out a trailer for the new minigame below, and stay tuned for my full review of Shadow Warrior in the coming weeks.

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