Capcom getting fan favorites out to PSPGo owners

by: Dan -
Capcom is embracing Sony's PSPGo handheld system by getting more of their classic games out on PSN. The two most recent additions are Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower and Mega Man Maverick Hunter. These game downloads will only work on a PSP, not the Playstation 3. Here are the details directly from Capcom on what to expect if you haven't played the UMD versions yet:

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
Back by popular demand! When Sigma leads a group of Reploids in a revolt against mankind, it’s up to X and Zero to protect the world from ruin. The revolutionary Mega Man® X side-scrolling game is recreated with 3-D graphics, remixed music and special unlockable features!

Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
The secret power of the dark is unleashed! Fight head-to-head in a fierce and brutal battle for supremacy! This fan favorite features vivid animations and unbeatable fighting combinations. This fighting phenomenon is updated, redesigned, and ready for a comeback.
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