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Capcom announces their PAX Prime 2013 activities

by: Russell -
Capcom has recently announced what all they're bringing to PAX Prime 2013 this weekend.  Visitors to the Capcom booth will be able to play some of the latest releases and upcoming games including Ducktales: Remastered, Lost Planet 3, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies.  There will also be a themed Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate lounge that will be dedicated to all things Monster Hunter, including demo stations, a seating area with charging stations, special tournaments, and photo opps with a life-sized model of a Great Sword.  You can also get a photo alongside Phoenix Wright in a recreation of the courtroom or pose as Strider with a replica of his Cypher weapon.

Attendees can also pick up their favorite Capcom merchandise as the Capcom Store makes it's return to PAX Prime.  Items available for purchase will include Monster Hunter 3DS cases, Umbrella Corp. watches and umbrellas,Mega Man 25th Anniversary statues and inflatable busters, copies of recent game releases, and much more.
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