5 days left of Adventure at

Posted by: Nathan at 5/13/2009 9:06 AM (Good old Games) is having an Adventure week sale where older than dust adventure games are getting new life on your hard drive at bargain prices. You only have five days left to pick up such classic as The Feeble Files, Waxworks and In Cold Blood for $4.49 each or the newly added ObsCure, a horror style action-adventure game for $9.99. Unfortunately I have nothing to add to this news because I started playing games on console during the N64 era and have no idea what most of these games are like. I do hope that when I'm old and gray (probably by age 45) that my old favorite video games will be available to download on to my bionic wrist computer.

Hi all,

Things are going crazy at We've just ended a 25% discount on Sacred Gold and DarkStar One and we're starting another promo, this time a week long! During the Adventure Week on you can grab three great classic games - The Feeble Files, Waxworks and In Cold Blood for $4.49 each!!! Check out the promo page at

To make the beginning of the Adventure Week even cooler, we have just added ObsCure to the games catalogue. This action-adventure (or should I say adventure-action ;)) game is a survival horror in style of American slasher movies. It can be yours for $9.99! Check out the game page at

We have more surprises coming in the next few days, so stay tuned!

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Lukasz Kukawski