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posted 12/10/2003 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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It seems today that the biggest fad with iPod owners is these gel-based housing solutions. There are a number of them available on the market but are any of them really worth purchasing? Today we try to answer that question by examining one of the most popular products on the market, the iSkin Exo 2 from iSkin. Based off of the high-selling Exo, the Exo2 adds a few new features into the mix that make the case much easier to use, but this doesn’t necessarily make the case all that better. Some of the new additions sound pretty good in theory but there are plenty of design flaws that make this case difficult to recommend.

Available from, the device retails for $29.99 and is available in four different colors: Sonic (Electric Blue), Carbon (Black), Arctic (White) and Ebony (Black). Each of them is available in two sizes to accommodate to the different iPod sizes currently available on the market. If you’re planning on ordering make sure that you pick the right case for your iPod or you may end up with a case that’s too large or too small to use.

Before you can use the Exo2 you’ll have to do a bit of assembly work. Essentially this just requires you to attach the rear-mounted REVO belt clip and the newly added wrist strap. The procedure is rather painless and can probably be completed by a five-year-old child. In a nice bit of foresight you can select to install the belt strap for either vertical or horizontal mounting. I found the stainless steel construct to be sturdy enough for all my needs and was actually suitable for usage during sports. However, there have been some instances where people are reporting that the clip is becoming loose. iSkin has acknowledged this and offers a free replacement for anyone who is experiencing such problems. Next you’ll have to insert the actual iPod into the case. This is done via the opening for the screen on the top portion of the unit. Instead of opening up like some of the other solutions out there you’ll have to stretch the case a bit in order to wrap it around your iPod. Afterwards you attach the included screen protector and you’re ready to go.

In comparison to the other gel-based cases out there the Exo2 utilizes the strongest and most appealing compound. It feels very rubbery yet it seems strong enough to sustain some shock if I were to inadvertently drop my unit from small heights. It also feels very nice to the touch and makes the device much easier to hold and grip. One of the problems with the material is that it’s a huge dust, lint and hair magnet. I managed to attract a plethora of pocket lint from having the unit in my pocket for about three hours. Removing the lint was a painful process that required the use of a pair of tweezers to extract each individual piece. My only solution for this is to keep the unit in the clear plastic case that it ships in but then again, doing so kind of negates the look and style of the case and renders the device useless.
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