eVGA e-GeForce 6800GT


posted 10/18/2004 by John Yan
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Our other GeForce 6800GT review consisted of Leadtek’s offering and while I did like the card, I’d rather have a one slot solution. The eVGA’s design, or reference design, will allow small form factor users to use this card in their machine. The cooling solution doesn’t interfere with the adjacent slot and users of SFF machines will find this card to fit their boxes.

So the eVGA card’s pretty vanilla card here. I’m expecting performance to be pretty similar to the Leadtek card I reviewed a few months ago. We’ll pit this card against the ATI X800 Pro, a card in the same price range. My test setup included:

AMD64 3200+
2 Crucial PC3200 256-MB sticks
Maxtor 200GIG 7200RPM HD
Windows XP Professional w/ Service Pack 2
NVIDIA Forceware 61.77 drivers

Our first test is going to be iD’s latest. Doom 3.

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