eVGA e-GeForce 6800 Ultra


posted 11/8/2004 by John Yan
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Our first test is going to be iD’s latest. Doom 3.

Doom 3 is iD Software’s re-invention of the classic game that started the deathmatch craze. The engine really taxes a system and the graphics are phenomenal for a computer game. For the tests, we ran the game with Max settings here.

The NVIDIA cards outperform the ATI card in Doom 3 pretty handedly. You can see the increase speed in action when comparing the GT and the Ultra cards with the lead increasing for the Ultra as you increase the resolution.

Far Cry is an impressive first person shooter from Ubi Soft with great outdoor levels and some awesome effects. The vehicles and the ability to explore the entire island makes this one of the best games of the past year. Settings were maxed out and we used the default demo.

All the cards performed close here up to 1280x1024. The drop off in frames per second is not as significant in the Ultra card when you hit the 1600x1200 mark. In Far Cry you won’t see any improvement unless you play at very high resolutions.
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