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posted 3/6/2009 by John Yan
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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. just came out and here I used the demo to test the performance of both cards. The demo has a built in benchmark where it does a flyby through the land. Again, all settings were set to the maximum and resolution was set at 1600x1200 for the tests.


The demo doesn't go into any decimal digits for showing frames per second but a 1 FPS difference between the two cards isn't too much. The GeForce GTS 250 did have a higher max fps experienced in the demo though giving it a slight edge again.

Left 4 Dead is a game I constantly play almost every day. Settings were set at maximum with a resolution of 1600x1200 and I recorded a portion of the boat house final for the Death Toll campaign. Using the recorded demo, I played it back using the built in timedemo feature of the Source Engine.

left 4 dead

Both cards performed pretty much the same but this seems to be a benchmark where it's CPU bound. I changed many settings only to see it stay pretty much the same on both cards. I'll know more once I put in my new Quad Core Intel I just got in as I redo the tests for Windows 7. Stay tuned for that article in the near future.

Finally Mirror's Edge rounds out the test suite here. PhysX was turned off but everything else was maxed out with a resolution of 1600x1200. I ran through the flyby demo and used Fraps to record the results.

mirrors edge

The GeForce GTS 250 Superclocked card came out ahead again with a 3FPS lead over the Radeon HD 4850.

Through all my tests, the GeForce GTS 250 did come out ahead but the amount of a lead is pretty minimal except for Dawn of War II. Other than that, both cards performed pretty much equally and both cards produced a good picture quality. For pure game performance, I don't have a problem recommending either one if you are comparing the two although the Dawn of War II result might push the GeForce GTS 250 card up a tiny notch. I admit, I do like the fact that the Radeon HD 4850 is a single slot solution while the eVGA GeForce GTS 250 Superclocked takes up two slots. But, it's not all about game performance as there are other things that NVIDIA is doing with their cards that might sway your mind if you are thinking of picking up one or the other.

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