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posted 3/6/2009 by John Yan
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Tests were done with the 182.08 drivers from NVIDIA. We pitted the card against Diamond Radeon HD 4850 with 512MB on board. Yes it would have been nice to compare it with a 1GB card but unfortunately I don't have one in the lab at the time. Since this is a mid-range card and I'm putting a little emphasis on a cost-effective setup, I decided to go with a pretty simple system instead of going all out. My follow up article is going to use a Quad-Core Intel processor that I have on order as well as Windows 7 64-bit beta. The test system for this review though consisted of:

* Intel E6400
* Biostar P45 Motherboard
* 2 GB PC-6400 DDR2 ram
* Windows Vista w/ Service Pack 1

For comparison, I tested the card against a Radeon HD 4850 from VisionTek. Drivers used for the GeForce GTS 250 were version 182.08 while Catalyst 9.2 were used.

First up is the synthetic benchmark 3DMark Vantage. Settings were set at default for the test and the resolution was set at 1280x1024.


A small lead but a lead nevertheless for the eVGA GeForce GTS 250 Superclocked card.

Now let's get to some games. I've updated my library of games to test so there will be some new ones in here. Far Cry 2 was tested at 1600x1200 with everything set to the maximum. There's a built in benchmark that Far Cry has and I used the Action benchmark to test both cards.

Again, the GeForce GTS 250 Superclocked came out a little ahead once the averages were done on the three runs but I can safely say it's a wash really considering how close the scores were.

Fallout 3 was run using a saved game near Dupont Circle. Again, all settings were maxed out with AA and AF turned off for the tests. Draw distances were also set to max and resolution was set at 1600x1200. I followed a path and fired a rocket into a car at the end to cause a massive explosion. Fraps was used to record the frames per second.


The NVIDIA card draw an OK 3 frames per second average lead on the ATI card here.

Dawn of War II just came out not too long ago and it uses an enhanced Company of Heroes engine. Settings were maxed out as much as I can with a resolution of 1600x1200. I played through the beginning in game cinematic where it pans through a battle going on. Fraps was used to record the results.

dawn of war 2

Here we see the GeForce GTS 250 card have a healthy 14 FPS lead on the Radeon HD 4850 card when all the results were averaged out. The game does feature a NVIDIA insignia so perhaps the engine is optimized more for the GeForce series than the Radeon series. In any case, you'll get a better performance out of the GeForce GTS 250 here.
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