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posted 5/7/2003 by John Yan
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All in all, installation took me about ten minutes. It really wasn’t that hard and I’ve had more trouble installing traditional heat sink units. Zalman’s done a good job in designing an easy to install heat sink and fan unit. While it looks intimidating, installing the CNPS6000-Cu was a breeze.

So is it silent? You better believe it is. Before my office sounded like a GeforceFX Ultra but now it’s eerily quiet when my computer is on. I’ve been playing Command and Conquer: Generals for a solid two months now and it was the first time I heard ambient sound coming from my Z-680 speakers like the water sounds and birds chirping. I never knew that there were these sounds in the game and it wasn’t until I installed the unit and reduced my fan noise. Complaints of my computer being a jet engine from my wife working in the same room has now disappeared.

But how does it perform. Well here’s the graph of temperatures comparing the Coolermaster, silent mode of the heat sink, and normal mode of the heatsink. For idle, I took the temperature after the computer was on for about 3 hours. To test load, I ran 3DMark 03 for a few hours and then read the motherboard temperature reading.

As you can see the temperature difference between the Coolermaster and the normal mode are negligible. At silent mode, it does get a little bit hotter during idle but still tolerable. The main selling point of the Zalman though is the low noise operation. It does cool the CPU at a very low decibel rate. My case has one intake fan and one rear fan but they aren’t high power fans for sure. I’m pretty sure I can knock a few more degrees if I installed higher quality fans as I am using the generic ones that came with the case.

It does do the job as advertised. The Zalman CNPS6000-Cu cooler cools your AMD chip with little or no noise. The design of the heatsink does prevent it from installing in some computer cases and the weight will force you to carefully move your computer so as to not damage the CPU. Also I would've liked to have the fan control externally placed. The price isn’t too bad coming in at around $40. If you do want to silence your computer though and you’re not a hard-core overclocker, the Zalman cooler will do it for you. For you PVR builders like me, this cooler will work out well provided you have the case for it.

Heavy and large, the heat sink does the job of sufficently cooling your computer without generating a lot of noise. Just be careful if you ever move your computer once installed though. Zalman's cooler works as advertised and will significantly silence your computer.

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