Zalman CNPS6000-Cu Cooler


posted 5/7/2003 by John Yan
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Earlier I wrote about steps in silencing a computer using one of Zalman’s many products, specifically the power supply. Well today I have another replacement for another part that generates a lot of noise. While it looks like a copper flower, the CNPS6000-Cu heat sink and fan assembly is one massive silent cooling unit.

The CNPS6000-Cu is made to keep your CPU cool while producing as little noise as possible. The unique heatsink design, which is made of all copper, helps dissipate heat while the fan assembly provides the cool air that’s needed to cool down the heat sink. You may ask why the fan is separate from the heat sink. Well for starters you can actually use any fan you want. If you don’t like the speed of the included fan, you can easily change it out with another fan of your choice. Secondly, the vibration of the fan is not transferred over to the heat sink and to the CPU.

Installation was very simple. After removing my old CoolerMaster cooper cooler I proceeded to put the thermal paste that’s included onto the CPU. After spreading it out evenly I placed the large heat sink carefully on top. The unit is VERY heavy and it’s actually 162g over the maximum weight specified by AMD so you have to be very careful with installation and moving the computer once installed. Anyways, after placing the heat sink on top, the retention clip was first latched onto one side of the board. There’s a hole on the other side of the retention clip and included in the package is a very nice tool that fits into the hole and makes attaching the other side of the clip with ease. Removal of the clip is also a snap with the tool. More companies should look into this, as I never had an easier time installing a clip. My only gripe is that it only latches onto one slot and not all three.

The fan bracket hooks onto the top three slots and has elongated slots to help position the fan vertically. The attachment point of the fan to the bracket can be loosened by the thumbscrew and moved horizontally. This makes placement of the fan easy and following the instructions I was able to correctly place the fan above the heat sink. There’s a fan controller that the fan plugs into to adjust the speed. The dial allows you to gradually increase or decrease the rotation speed of the fan.

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