Xbox 360 - Initial Impressions


posted 11/19/2005 by Charles Husemann
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After getting everything plugged in it was time to fire up the system. I apologize for the lines on the pictures; I don’t have a vid cap setup downstairs right now so I had to take pictures directly of the TV with the digital camera. I also don’t have a HDTV so that’s why the pictures are a bit fuzzy. The first screen you are greeted with allows you to select which language you want.

Next up is setting up Xbox Live. I had already hooked up my gamertag account to my passport account so this was pretty easy

Then you confirm that you want to add the info to your account

Hey look, a day one update for a console…not that surprising I guess..

And it’s time to update, this wasn’t a big update and only took a minute or two
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