Xbox 360 - Initial Impressions


posted 11/19/2005 by Charles Husemann
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Our retail review 360 finally came in today and after an interesting adventure at the UPS John and I finally got the unit back to my house. If you have a box opening fetish there are several other sites that can have already posted a ton of pictures of what the device and the packing materials look like. If you want some pictures of the unit and accessories you can check out the images at the bottom of the page. A few quick notes on what’s in the box:

  • Yes the power supply is frickin’ huge and could be used as a means of self defense if your house is ever invaded (it would make a heck of a flail). The length of the cord is also a bit odd with the brick more in the middle of the two cables than towards one end of the other. Needless to say you’ll want to put the 360 on the lower shelf of your component cabinet rather than the top one.

  • I really like the HD cables included in the package. You get two sets of cables (component and HDTV outputs) in one set of cables and the optical output is actually on the back of the connection to the Xbox. Nice use of space

  • The remote is really nice, almost easier to setup the machine with this rather than the controller.

  • Instead of plunking down $100 for the Microsoft Wireless network connector I just re-used my old Linksys Wireless Game Adapter. It actually seems to get better connections now that before. It’s only an 802.11b connection but right now it’s going to get the job done. The system did recognize that it wasn’t a high speed connection when I tried futzing around with some of the media extender settings but that was about it.

  • Turning on/off the system with the controllers is hella-sweet, I know I’m lazy but this is a really cool feature.

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